Citizens' Defense Militia

Citizens’ Defense Militia (CDM) are the Empire’s last line of defense against both external and internal enemies. These forces can be quickly raised by Imperial authorities to bolster the number of available troops in an emergency but are generally considered to be little better than cannon fodder.

CDM units are generally made up of volunteers who are meant to receive training and equipment from the Imperial Army. The equipment received is often old and almost worn out items that are no longer in service with the Imperial Army’ and the training when given is often minimal.

As such the level of training and equipment the CDM receives varies from locality to locality. Better equipped units are generally the result of interested local Nobles and officials, but are often viewed with suspicion in the Shah’s court.

During a state of war all males between 15 and 65 can in theory be compelled to serve in a CDM unit, but generally only the poor, the lazy, and the stupid, are unable to obtain an exception from such conscription. Service in the regular Armed Forces is viewed as a better option by the more able members of society.

Citizens' Defense Militia

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